809, 2016

Official opening YES!Delft Labs

On September 8th YES!Delft Labs was officially opened. With YES!Delft Labs TU Delft has expanded its' Science Park Technopolis with 2,500m2 office space and 900m2 laboratory space for innovative startups and growing businesses. Herewith TU Delft gives technological and industrial biotech companies the opportunity to develop further.   Below the press release in Dutch. Extra ruimte voor technologische

1803, 2016

YES!Delft Open – Enter the world of entrepreneurship

On Thursday 21 April, 2016 YES!Delft opens the doors and welcomes you to the world of entrepreneurship. YES!Delft Open is the open house of the leading tech incubator in Europe. You have the unique opportunity to learn everything about entrepreneurship and get a sneak peak behind the scenes. Do you have good ideas, are you

2910, 2015

Construction update

Another great photo taken by a drone of Delft Dynamics, that shows the progress of the construction of YES!Delft Labs well. It shows the laying of the so called channel and lewis floor plates of the 4th floor. This week they also started putting up the facade. Photo: Delft Dynamics

610, 2015

De Ingenieur states: ‘Delft expands with biotechnology’

The October edition of 'De Ingenieur' reports extensively about YES!Delft, the expansion on science park Technopolis and focus on biotechnology. This year YES!Delft celebrates its tenth anniversary. As of next year, the incubator can also facilitate biotech related start-ups in the adjacent building, that is currently being build. While YES!Delft selects increasingly stringent, TU Delft

1609, 2015

One floor a week

One who passes the Molengraaffsingel regularly sees YES!Delft with biofacilities growing every day. Every week the building, that will offer office and laboratory space in the near future, rises with one whole floor. This week (week 38) they are working on the second floor. Mid november the sixth and top floor will be placed. How

907, 2015

YES!Delft with biofacilities at BNR Newsradio

Following the start of construction of YES!Delft with bio-facilities, Dutch radiostation BNR Newsradio paid attention to the new building in their radio show 'Zakendoen met' (Doing business with) on July 9, 2015. Rolph Segers, program manager at the TU Delft Valorisation Centre, explained about the importance of the property for the biotech sector. Listen to

1805, 2015

10 Years YES!Delft

On 18 May YES!Delft reached its tenth anniversary. The occasion was celebrated with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Neelie Kroes, various investors, all of the YES!Delft entrepreneurs and representatives from the business community. 150 companies It was actually Mark Rutte, then State Secretary for Education, who opened the incubator YES!Delft back in 2005. In the ten

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