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For YES!Delft and YES!Delft Labs, office space costs €168,96 per m² yearly. Special rates apply during the first four years for startups that participate in the YES!Delft programme and move to the YES!Delft building. During the first year you save 25% on your rental.

Service costs

Besides basic rent, you pay service costs for energy (heating and cooling, electricity, water), commercial office cleaning of office and public spaces, as well as waste disposal. Yearly service costs in YES!Delft amount to €71,28 per m². You pay in YES!Delft Labs €71,28 per m² yearly.


An office with a surface area no larger than 28m² is entitled to one parking spot at YES!Delft. The number of parking spots increases with the number of leased m². At YES!Delft Labs 1 parking spot at the parking lot next to 3M is included per 50m² leased floor surface area. You can rent extra parking spots for €762,30 a year.

Coffee and tea

The day, of course, begins with a delicious cup of coffee or tea. On the premises, are several areas where coffee and tea is available. These fixed costs are based on the size of the leased space. You pay €17,28 per m² yearly for unlimited coffee and tea for yourself, your colleagues and your visitors.


You can choose from 10Mb, 20Mb or 40Mb symmetrical glass fibre internet. The costs per tenant per month amount to €25,-, €37,50 and €75,- respectively. Visitors have access to the public Wi-Fi network in public areas.

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These are the rates for 2018, all amounts exclude VAT, prices subject to change.Algemene Bepalingen (only in Dutch)