Lots of lab facilities available for you

Unique in Delft, laboratory space starting from 26m² available. The new YES!Delft Labs has been completed by April 2016. Specifically intended for companies active in (industrial) biotechnology and light chemical activities. You can rent a lab with or without office space. Depends on what you need. All laboratories are suitable for research at ML1 and ML2 levels.

You can get started right away since the laboratories are outfitted with a number of basic lab facilities. For instance, a fume cupboard, laboratory bench, bottle storage, heating, air circulation system, ventilation, hot and cold running water, demi-water, process water, nitrogen, compressed air, high-voltage power current, and a safety cabinet is optional. Should you prefer to use your own furniture, you can rent an ‘empty’ lab. Your own lab furniture has to be approved by us.

You may do and take anything you want with you, as long as you abide by current valid safety regulations. The lab facilities fall under TU Delft’s environmental permit. TU Delft is in charge of the permit and manages the chemical substance inventory.

Shared lab facilities

Not everyone can afford to invest in certain kinds of lab facilities. This is why we offer a number of shared lab facilities which tenants have access to. For instance, an autoclave.