About TDVG

TDVG B.V. (Technostarters Delft Vastgoed B.V.) is part of TU Delft Holding. TU Delft believes that knowledge and new ideas should not be stored in an ivory tower. One of the ways to market these new ideas so that society can profit from them is by establishing a company. The TU Delft Valorisation Centre, of which TU Delft Holding is an extension of, supports this vision.

Good opportunities for setting up your business
Owner and manager of two buildings, YES!Delft and YES!Delft Labs, TDVG offers good opportunities for innovative companies in setting up their business. We have done this for more than five years now. After the YES!Delft Incubation Centre located along the Rotterdamseweg was launched in 2006, TDVG’s YES!Delft building along the Molengraaffsingel became operational in 2010, accommodating more techno-starters. YES!Delft Labs is operational as of April 2016. Here we will be able to offer suitable lab space for (bio)technological companies.

TU Delft Science Park Technopolis
Both buildings are located at the TU Delft Science Park Technopolis, a high-quality science park situated on TU Delft’s campus. During the coming years, knowledge institutes, start-ups and international companies, will set up their businesses at Technopolis. Researchers and entrepreneurs come together at this park-like campus, share knowledge with one another, and work together on innovations.